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WHO WE AREDavis & Cantor

Davis & Cantor is a Westchester, New York based law firm, with offices in Westchester and Manhattan. We are focused on representing small businesses and construction companies in a wide range of business and contract dispute matters. We rely on a combined 45 years of experience and proven efficiencies to keep your legal bills affordable while providing the highest quality representation. We believe in giving our clients the attention, flexibility and dedicated support they deserve.

Our team is an experienced and dedicated group of lawyers who have the requisite know-how to handle whatever matter you may have as it relates to your business.

WHAT WE DOStartups and Small Business

We can form your LLC or corporation in ANY state, and assist with business licenses, contracts, and registrations.
We provide legal advice for your business, help resolve business disputes, draft effective emails, and help improve your overall wellbeing.
We draft and review any business contract for an affordable flat fee.

WHAT WE DOBusiness Litigation

We represent businesses in any business contract dispute. We know how to efficiently and cost effectively represent your business.
We collect your debt from your clients/customers based on breach of contract and unpaid invoice claims.
We defend individuals and businesses battling loan agreements, promissory notes, convertible notes, and merchant cash advance agreements.
We represent LLC's and its members in disputes arising out of New York LLC law and LLC operating agreements.
We represent corporations and shareholders in disputes arising out of New York Corporate Law and shareholder agreements.
We represent businesses in a wide range of commercial litigation matters in Westchester, New York, Kings, and Queens Supreme Courts and the Southern District of New York

WHAT WE DOConstruction Law

With extensive and unique experience in the construction industry as an educator, project manager, estimator, and general counsel, we are able to provide valuable assistance on all construction contract disputes.
We prepare, file and serve your lien at the most competitive rates in New York. We also enforce mechanic's liens in an efficient and cost effective manner.
We collect your debt from your clients/customers on unpaid invoices, change orders, and breach of contract claims.

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Why Partnerships Are Bad
May 11, 2023by Jeffrey Davis
Why Partnerships Are Bad
People don’t take partnerships seriously enough. I’ve been in my share of business partnerships, learned some hard lessons and got rid of the toxic relationships relatively unscathed — luckily. I’ve also represented many partnerships in buyouts and in complex business-divorce litigation. Breakups are ugly and expensive. People seem to overlook the fact that business partnerships...
Restricting Business Owners From Using the Bank Account for Personal Expenses
May 10, 2023by Jeffrey Davis
Restricting Business Owners From Using the Bank Account for Personal Expenses
In a big win in Westchester Supreme Court in the matter of Laurino v. Laurino, Index No. 64194/2021, a classic business divorce case between family members over a family owned business (sound familiar?), the Court determined that managers of the business (the Defendants) could not use the business bank account for any personal expenses during...
What is a “Breach of Fiduciary Duty” Claim?
May 1, 2023by Jeffrey Davis
What is a “Breach of Fiduciary Duty” Claim?
Breach of fiduciary duty claims are the center of almost every single partnership dispute and business-divorce lawsuit in New York. In New York, a breach of fiduciary duty cause of action arises when a person or entity, who owes a fiduciary duty to another, fails to act in the best interests of that person or...
It’s All A Big Deal (Some Case Studies and Lessons Learned)
April 29, 2023by Jeffrey Davis
It’s All A Big Deal (Some Case Studies and Lessons Learned)
When it comes to buying or selling businesses, I’ve represented clients from a wide range of industries: Food and hospitality (Bars, Restaurants, Pizza Places, Delis) Salons Tech Companies Real Estate Developers Manufacturing/Distribution Fashion Film Production Laundromats Partnership Buyouts Each industry comes with its unique challenges and areas of risk.  The following are some cases of...